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Deliverables or Reports

M01Project Kick-off
M16D2.1 Identify country-specific Conditions and relevant Participants: Overview with country-specific framework available
D3.1 SotA and Gap Analysis based on country-specific Conditions
M212D1.1 first year project report
D3.2 Definition of Reference Architecture
D3.3 Definition of Requirements for Open RAN Solutions
D3.4 Definition of Requirements for Open Core Solutions
M318D2.2 Network and Workshops with relevant external Stakeholders: First Ecosystem building workshops in each country GER/FRA finished
D6.2a Initial draft of requirements documentation with demo projects
M424D1.2 second year project report
D2.3 Liaisons with related Projects: first Cooperation agreements (>3)
D5.5 E2E Network Management and Automation
D6.2b Workshops with Demo-Projects to assess Requirements
M530D2.4 Standardisation and Dissemination: first proposals (>3) submitted to the standardization bodies
D4.2 Development of Required Interfaces
D4.3 Development of Open RAN components (including acceleration)
D4.4 RAN-specific Implementation of Innovations from WP6
D5.1 AI based RIC-APPs for Network-Optimization
D5.2 Time-Sensitive Networks, QoS
D5.3 Positioning
D5.4 Security specific Extensions
M636D1.3 final project report
D2.2 Network and Workshops with relevant external Stakeholders
D2.3 Liaisons with related Projects
D2.4 Standardization and Dissemination
D6.1 Integration of Solutions in E2E Testbeds
D6.3 Joint Integration and Validation of testbeds Components
D6.4 Joint Interoperability Testing of testbeds Components